Praise for The Second Home


THE SECOND HOME has been named one of ten outstanding summer/fall 2020 debut "Indies Introduce" by the American Booksellers Association. The ABA also selected the novel for the June 2020 "Indie Next" list.

The novel is also Amazon's "Book With Buzz" for June, 2020.

Zibby Owens recommends the novel for Good Morning America as one of 25 novels you'll want to read this summer. 

Reading Group Choices named the novel their top reading pick in April.

"...a pitch-perfect summer novel with a scintillating combination of drama, heart and lovely prose that will stay with you long into autumn." -- Book Reporter


"Christina Clancy writes with warmth, wit and wisdom about fantastically human characters. For fans of J Courtney Sullivan and Ann Packer."

-- Rebecca Makkai, Pulitzer-prize finalist, THE GREAT BELIEVERS


I gobbled THE SECOND HOME in a matter of days, fully invested in the history, hurt, and hopes of this very human family. Christi Clancy writes with empathy and rich detail: to read about the Gordons is to smell the pine and oak of Wellfleet, to tread the well-worn rooms of their eccentric summer home, and to learn all sides of the explosive rift that sent them hurtling in different directions. Tender and suspenseful, Clancy's debut explores the nature of home as well as the nature of family itself--given and chosen.

-- Chloe Benjamin, author of NYT Bestseller THE IMMORTALISTS

"Clancy's propulsive, provocative debut novel is a sure-footed ode to the strength of family, the depth of loss, and the power of forgiveness."


“From the first pages of The Second Home, it’s abundantly clear that Christina Clancy has an abiding love for outer Cape Cod, which she conjures in all its bluster and beauty. But as this compelling novel progresses, it also becomes obvious that Clancy has a keen awareness of how secrets can tear apart even the closest of families. Drawn in by the exquisitely-rendered setting, I was riveted by this stirring, family drama."



“Every Wellfleet sand dune, every breeze and beach and pond, came alive for me in this beautiful, heartbreaking debut about a Milwaukee family’s complicated history with their summer home. Christi Clancy’s characters are so real and flawed, so caught between the darkness and the light, that they step right off the page, and you won’t rest until you know what becomes of them.”

--Meg Mitchell Moore, THE ADMISSIONS


"The Second Home shows us how families are knit together and how they unravel. And how a place -- a geography, a house -- can act as the repository for our best and most important memories. And that even the most damaged past can be reclaimed, a hard-won wisdom that shines through on every page. A compelling story, beautifully told."

-- Jean Thompson, THE YEAR WE LEFT HOME


"Christi Clancy's debut novel is about the ways we build walls with secrets.  Clancy imagines her complicated characters with such empathy and precision that every questionable choice, every mistake, feels like the only option.   The Second Home is a big, sprawling, smart, beautiful story about love and betrayal, home and family, and the foundations of forgiveness." 

-- Lauren Fox, author of DAYS OF AWE


"This deeply moving and heartfelt book explores what makes a home--and how homes make us. It's deftly plotted, sensuously told, and incredibly smart about the secrets that pull families apart and the love that knits them back together."

-- Liam Callanan,  PARIS BY THE BOOK


"Christi Clancy writes with an arresting vividness and a nuanced understanding of her characters, who are buffeted by a storm of conflicting desires.  How to balance the desire for loyalty to the past and to family legacy with the need to move forward and live fully in the present? The Second Home is a poignant but also a very entertaining novel—full of startling detail, humor, and above all, an abiding sympathy for its beautifully drawn characters."

-- Christine Sneed, LITTLE KNOWN FACTS

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